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Megla MFG.,Inc. provides Custom Waterjet Cutting by dedicated technicians resulting in precise, clean, and accurate cuts for various types of materials. Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, AR500, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal as well as Carbon Fiber, Glass, Iconel, Stone, Plastic is cut to exact specifications using CAD technology.

Our OMAX 5-Axis waterjet machine is capable of cutting any material with meticulous technicians assuring exact detail.  The 5th Axis provides the ability to exceed standard cutting capabilities.

We are able to quickly provide a quote and turn around for your cutting needs.

Let Megla MFG., Inc. be your one-stop shop for all your cutting and metal fabrication needs. 

"Received great service from Megla Manufacturing for a personal project. Matt Chism was thorough and delivered the final product as expected. Thank you!!"

-Alan Gomez

"They offered to stay late and get it done even though they were busy. The shop is clean and they are professionals and friendly. We will be doing business with them again."

-Skuzzle .B

"Everybody was really helpfull, they made some recomendations that actually improved the design of my parts. Good price and nice work."

-Se .E

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