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IMegla MFG.Inc, is conveniently located in central San Diego.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality product professionally and efficiently.  We are dedicated to helping our customers take their project from conception to completion regardless of the size or difficulty.  We can take stock metal and fabricate whatever you need.  Our experienced staff will take your drawings or layouts and custom design your project.  Due to our extensive experience, we are successful in solving unique problems.

Our team uses SOLDIWORKS CAD engineering to lay out your project to exact specifications.  Waterjet cutting with our 5-axis Omax machine ensures clean and precise cutting on all materials.  Certified, skilled metal fabricators assemble and finish projects with exceptional care.

Along with our precision cutting machine, our shop is equipped with CNC machining, turning and milling, bending and rolling equipment, lathes, band saws, welding machines.  We provide all types of welding on all types of metal both ferrous and non-ferrous: Steel, Aluminum Copper, Brass, AR500 and Sheet Metal.

Megla MFG,Inc., is proud to rely on our great reputation and our return customers.  We provide OEM parts needed for a variety of manufacturers and commercial industries.  Our customers vary and include: Marine Industry, Solar Industry, Department of Defense, Construction and Architectural projects, Commercial OEM and Industrial parts, Municipal Art and Civic projects and everything in between.  Our jobs have ranged from building 30-ton valve testing machines to technical parts for laboratory and testing facilities.

We look forward to working with you. 

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